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City University Invites applications for admissions to its various programs twice a year, once in Spring and then in Fall (from more detailed information see CUSIT website http://www.cusit.edu.pk However, Faculty of Computer Science and Faculty of Engineering announce admission in Fall only. Students who are interested to apply are advised to visit the campus for getting more detailed information about admissions to their respective programs.

Applications, duly filled in, and supported by all required documents are accepted at the admission office within the announced deadline.

On acceptance of an application form bearing the reference number, admission test date, date of interview. Merit list of the successful candidates is announced.

On deposit of dues, within the dead line, students are issued their registration number and are given the courses to study in the first semester. Before commencement of classes, students are expected to attend an orientation session and collect their time table from the Students Services Office.

Every year, CUSIT attracts some of the most talented/gifted students. The network of our alumni is fast spreading in the corporate world and other fields. If you are looking for quality education and facilities, then CUSIT is the place for you. From classes to co-curriculars, volunteering and participating, you will be groomed to succeed at CUSIT and later in your practical life.

A student admitted to a program must enroll himself/ herself for each semester, failing which his/her admission will stand suspended. In case he/she does not enroll himself/herself for two consecutive semesters, his/her admission will be cancelled. Re-admission of such a student will be considered as a new admission case.

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to educate the youth with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical & practical concepts of computer science through a rigorous course work and equip them with
the technological tools to meet the challenges in their professional career or in pursuit of advanced degrees in computer science.


The mission of the CUSIT's Business Administration Department is to help the students grow intellectually, professionally and in personality so that they feel enabled, empowered, and motivated to make significant positive
contributions to the organizations they serve and to the society as a whole.

B.Com | M.Com | BBA | BS Economics | BS Commerce | BS Accounting and Finance | BBS (Leading to MBA 1.5 Years) | MBA(1.5 Years) | MBA(3.5 Years) | MPM(2 Years) | MPM | M.Phil Economics | MS Management Sciences

Department of English

The programs offered by Department of English, CUSIT, reflect the noble mission of the university. The keynote of the mission is qualitative improvement in teaching and producing graduate who can hold their own in the face of 21st century and its global challenges.

BS English | MS English

Department of Architechture

The school is dedicated to advancing the understanding of Architectural theory & Design, to build socially responsible architects rather, not to compete but, to produce architecture which can be marked at global Level.