The Objectives of the University are:
The department should have market competency. The architects should understand and attempt for sustainable solutions through critical thinking. The architects should be aware of rich architectural heritage of the region and should be able to produce identical architecture in the region through keeping in view the change pattern of the region.
The architects educated in City University should be having competency to compete in global and national market of architecture.
The architects of future should be aware and knowledgeable about climate change, earthquakes in the region and urbanization.
The architects of the future should be well versed in conservation and be able to analyze the factors that shape built environment and to offer innovative solutions through design.
The civil engineering department in City University will reinforce the faculty and In Future City University has planned to offer bachelor degree in construction management as well.
Teaching methodology will be to inculcate reading habits through field visits, seminars and workshops to reinforce critical thinking process. Through studies and classes the students would be able to conceptualize and assignments will be given to judge their capabilities. The expected outcomes are two BOS meetings and it will be a continues process to asses and modify the approach which will be at least a yearly exercise.